Dog rehab therapist eases pets’ pain


Del Mar clinic works with pets with chronic ailments, recovering from surgery

DEL MAR — Some patients come to Tsavo’s for cold laser therapy to speed post-surgery healing. Others run the underwater treadmill to lose weight and strengthen their hip muscles. But Mocha, a 12-year-old Labrador retriever, gets relief from her arthritis by swimming laps in the canine rehab clinic’s heated pool.

Mocha’s owner, Richard Barron of Escondido, said the sweet-natured chocolate Lab has stabilized and improved since she started weekly therapy.

“It’s fantastic,” he said. “I like that they treat the condition rather than the pain, and you can see that the people who come here are real dog lovers.”

Tsavo’s Canine Rehabilitation & Fitness Center, located in a small office on Jimmy Durante Boulevard, was started 6½ years ago by Maja Wichtowski. The Oak Park resident named the business after her former dog Tsavo, a boxer/pit bull mix whose chronic health problems led her to become a professional canine rehabilitation technician. Read entire UT San Diego article >>


Image: Union Tribune

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